Cool Looking Berries – NOT Blueberries

I found these growing on a freeway noise reduction wall off HWY 26 near the interchange with HWY 217 in Portland, Oregon. ISO – 64 1/50 second F16 The sun was quite intense at 2:30 pm. Just pointed the camera straight up and had a nice blue sky for a background.

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A walk with GIMP

GIMP and Raw Therapee are free photo processing software. I started with a .raw file picture from a walk in Commonwealth Lake Park and completely overdid it, I like it. Knowing the image would be super boring and took it anyways just to over manipulate it. Gaudy is good, sometimes. I’d love to have a… Continue reading A walk with GIMP

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The Unknown Flower

Close in flower shot using the flash are my favorite along with shooting insects and hummingbirds. ISO 100 1/320 sec F16 Shot in .raw and came off the camera only needing a crop. I like it. GIMP leaves the comment “binary comment” in EVERY export I do, silly. They should have left it blank and… Continue reading The Unknown Flower

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Aspen Retreat – Anderson, AK -Day 2 – August 2021

The mushrooms are beautiful and lucky for me growing next to some berries. I’m on vacation and too lazy to identify either the fungi or fruit. Seems like the only thing missing from these ‘little-world’ pics is some little people. I’ll keep looking 😉

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