Lovely Duck – Commonwealth Lake Oregon

It’s late Spring / early Summer at Commonwealth Lake in NW Oregon with lots of new bird life at the lake to keep you busy for hours just gawking and snapping pics. Duckling and goslings all over and lots of photographers.

Nuthatch – Oregon – Adult Feeding Baby

Caught an adult feeding a baby nuthatch in my backyard feeder. Had the focus mode set to ‘DMF’ instead of ‘C’ and missed some shots, full blurry pics that are trashed. In the future I will leave the focus mode in ‘C’.

Little brown bird video Sony RX10 IV camera

just what the title says and this one was just hanging out while I fumbled with the EV trying to get the exposure correct. In spite of fumbling the bird looks quite good, IMHO. Looking forward to actually having some competency with the Sony RX10 IV camera and especially the video.


Hummingbird at Schreiners Iris Garden 2021 Sony RX10 IV video shot from about 20 yards and zoomed in a bit. I like it. A few pics of the same very cooperative bird.